Swati A. Piramal

Independent Director

Swati A. Piramal

Swati Piramal is Vice Chairperson of Piramal Enterprises, a leading Indian multinational company in healthcare, financial services and information management.

A medicine graduate from the Mumbai University and Harvard Business School, Swati Piramal has used her background in public health and business to change the trajectory of healthcare, education, and public policy in India. One of India’s leading scientists and industrialists, she is also involved in public health and innovation.

As the Director of the Piramal Foundation, Swati Piramal helps promote health in rural India, women’s empowerment and community education.

She was also the first woman president of India’s Apex Chamber of Commerce in 90 years, helping to influence important public policies and governance. She served as an adviser to the Indian Prime Minister in science, technology and economic policy.

Furthermore, Swati Piramal is currently in the Board of Directors of Allergan India Pvt. Ltd. (since 2001) and Nestlé India Limited (since 2020). Since 2019, she is also a member of SIDRA Board of Governors.

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