EssilorLuxottica is home to the most loved and widely-recognized vision care and eyewear brands in the world.

With a portfolio of proprietary and licensed brands that cover a wide variety of market segments, we tap into the needs and desires of consumers, innovate on everything from design to service, and ultimately deliver products and experiences that stand out in the industry.

Branded lenses

EssilorLuxottica’s innovation in lens technology has led to the creation of lens brands that regularly rank among the highest in terms of consumer satisfaction. The company has also successfully partnered with leading companies such as Nikon to distribute specific technologies that enable each consumer's needs to be fully addressed.  These brands make an important contribution to educating consumers about the importance of eye care.

Each solution created by the company, whether designed to correct vision, protect the eyes or improve comfort and performance, is a result of years of R&D with a single goal: how can we improve the lives of our consumers? We carry this responsibility with us always and continue to answer the question with the introduction of groundbreaking ophthalmic and sun lens innovations.

Worker in a lab

EssilorLuxottica also has a long history of designing equipment and solutions used by opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists around the world. This includes lens surfacing and coating equipment and instruments for refraction, diagnostic and imaging, measurement, edging and mounting tools as well as sales support services.


Eyewear brands

The vision and inventiveness of EssilorLuxottica has helped eyewear become a category on its own over the past few decades, evolving from a necessary device that improves vision to a desirable fashion accessory which enables self-expression and enhances self-confidence. A relentless pursuit of excellence down to the smallest detail, along with ongoing investment in R&D, new technologies, equipment, materials and processes, has earned us a reputation as a product and branding trailblazer.

Lady wearing sunglasses


Ray-Ban, one of the world’s leading lifestyle eyewear brands, and Oakley, a leader in the sport and performance category, serve as a strong base for our proprietary brand portfolio, complemented by Persol, Oliver Peoples and Alain Mikli at the high-end of the market, Costa del Mar and Arnette in the sport market, and Vogue Eyewear, Bolon, Molsion and Ossé in the affordable lifestyle market. The portfolio is rounded out by non-prescription reading glasses, including the brand Foster Grant.


Alongside the proprietary brands, the portfolio has over 20 licensed brands, including some of the most prestigious names in fashion and luxury.



Our proprietary brands combine hundreds of years of innovation and heritage

Our licensed brands include some of the most prestigious names in fashion and luxury

Direct to consumer

EssilorLuxottica offers consumers around the world a superior shopping experience which strives for excellence both online and offline.

The Company’s retail network counts around 18,000 stores that offer high quality vision care and shopping experiences to patients and consumers, from highly digital eye exam technology to the latest eyewear trends curated for every type of consumer.

Shop that sells glasses

A true omnichannel approach to distribution has enabled the magic of our stores to be replicated in the digital space, enabling visitors to enjoy everything from customization to an endless aisle of frames. This approach enhances the consumer experience by offering a connected experience across all customer touch-points.

Developing online activities enables EssilorLuxottica to reach a greater number of consumers while ensuring the distribution of quality optical products and improving the quality of information available for consumers to understand the importance of vision and the solutions available.