At EssilorLuxottica our mission is to help people see more and be more. Our groundbreaking products correct, protect and frame the beauty of our most precious sensory organ – our eyes. By combining our expertise in lens technology and eyewear manufacturing, a portfolio of brands that consumers love and global distribution capabilities, we enable people everywhere to learn, to work, to express themselves and to fulfill their potential.


Lack of awareness and access have led to a global vision crisis with severe social and economic consequences for billions of people. EssilorLuxottica exists to give vision a voice and respond to the world’s growing vision needs by meeting the changing lifestyles of existing consumers and inventing new ways to reach the 2.5 billion people who suffer from uncorrected poor vision and the 6 billion people who do not protect their eyes from harmful rays.

We will be powerful advocates for the vision cause, passionate campaigners for greater awareness, and pioneering eyewear innovators with solutions and styles that bring ever greater improvements so that everybody, everywhere can enjoy the life-changing benefits of good vision.

Powering sight

80% of what we learn is processed through our eyes. But one out of three people around the world still do not have the vision care they need, and billions more are at risk of deteriorating vision. Beyond essential vision correction, EssilorLuxottica seeks to respond to the vast need for vision protection from sunlight and harmful blue light.

Thanks to its portfolio of lens technologies combined with some of the world’s most loved eyewear brands, EssilorLuxottica is uniquely positioned to make wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses both a desirable and life-improving experience.

The company acts on many levels to elevate awareness on the importance of vision correction and vision protection, educating policy makers and consumers with dedicated campaigns but also supporting expert-to-expert knowledge sharing on vision science and patient needs.

EssilorLuxottica launched the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation to accelerate our impact and help eliminate uncorrected poor vision in a generation. The Foundation’s commitments include raising awareness about the importance of good vision, providing sustainable access to vision care where it doesn’t exist today, correcting and protecting the vision of those most in need and training primary vision care providers to create sustainable livelihoods.
Since 2013, we have provided 530 million people with access to sustainable vision care through 21,000 primary vision care entrepreneurs and 210 vision centers. Together with our philanthropic activities, these efforts have helped correct and/or protect the vision of 53 million people.


Powering style

Combining the best in advanced lens technology with beautifully crafted and branded frames turns a necessary device that improves vision into an accessory that not only fits comfortably in form and function, but also serves as a true expression of personal style. Eyewear is one of the most visible of all fashion accessories and has become part of our cultural fabric. From the moment frame meets face, there is a sense of authenticity, creativity and confidence that consumers have come to love.

Because of the power they wield, we see each pair of frames as a little work of art, from its first sketches to the final handcrafted details. Within every frame lies the passion, skill and commitment of our people who pour their hearts into making the best eyewear possible.